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Man arrested for driving while intoxicated with child in car

If a driver is caught and convicted of driving while intoxicated in Plano, there will be serious penalties. If the driver commits an act that will raise the charges to felony DUI/DWI, the penalties are even more significant. It's dangerous enough to drive under the influence, but such acts as driving drunk with a child in the car will spur even harsher penalties.

A 26-year-old man was stopped by police officers while driving drunk with a 4-year-old girl in the vehicle. A police officer saw the vehicle speeding and pulled it over. Upon investigation, the officer found the man slurring his words. He also had red eyes and smelled of alcohol. When given a breath test, the driver registered 0.13. The man was arrested and charged with felony DWI.

Man with multiple offenses for DWI in his past arrested again

Drivers in Collin will face serious penalties if they commit multiple offenses of driving while intoxicated. When a driver is charged with 3rd offense DWI, the prior record will add to the list of charges they will have to deal with. Since DWI is so dangerous an act with other drivers and pedestrians in jeopardy, drivers who are caught and convicted will be subject to substantial punishments that can affect their lives severely.

A 39-year-old man was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated for at least the third time. Law enforcement saw the man's vehicle driving at an excessive rate of speed. As the police followed the car, they saw that the driver was having a problem keeping the vehicle in one lane. Upon pulling the vehicle over, the driver was found to show signs of being under the influence. According to police, he was given field sobriety tests and failed them. Because he had at least three prior DWI charges on his record, he was taken to the hospital to have his blood drawn. He was subsequently arrested and charged with DWI. His bond was set at $12,000.

A weekend dedicated to breath test refusal yields 43 DWI arrests

Drivers in Plano are operating under the rule of implied consent whether they are aware of it or not. What this means is that if a person is arrested for driving while intoxicated, the person is not entitled to refuse to take a breath test to determine the blood alcohol content in the system. Refusing to take a breathalyzer has a separate set of penalties in comparison to a DWI.

In an attempt to to catch drunk drivers, police spent a weekend with stepped up enforcement for breath test refusal. In all, 43 people were arrested for DWI. Of those 43, 30 were arrested for the first time. 13 had been arrested for DWI previously. An estimated one-third of the drivers who were arrested also refused to submit to a breath test.

Law enforcement officer faces DWI charges

DWI charges in Plano apply to everyone. That includes people who are in positions of power such as politicians and law enforcement officers. Because driving while intoxicated can lead to people being injured and killed, it has serious penalties attached to it in the event of a conviction. No matter who commits the act, they will be charged with a crime if they're caught.

An off-duty law enforcement officer was subject to a traffic stop. Upon investigation, he was found to have an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. He was arrested on DWI charges and jailed overnight. He posted a bond of $2,500 to secure his release. It is not yet known how this arrest will influence his position as a member of law enforcement.

Driver faces vehicular manslaughter charges after fatal crash

Drivers and pedestrians in Collin need to be on alert for the possibility of a driver who is on the road after drinking or using drugs. Impaired driving can involve many different substances that result in the driver being intoxicated. Drunk driving charges are serious and the severity of punishments vary based on whether there were injuries or deaths in an accident.

Driver arrested for fleeing police and breath test refusal

In Collin County, drivers are subject to Texas's implied consent laws when stopped by a law enforcement officer. That means they are legally required to acquiesce to tests to determine whether or not they are driving under the influence. If the driver fails to do so, he or she is subject to a significant suspension of his or her license over and above any criminal penalties for DWI.

A 52-year-old man whose vehicle was stopped on suspicion of DWI allegedly hit a police officer with his van when he drove away. After a pursuit, the man crashed into a concrete divider close to a local police precinct. He reportedly refused to exit the vehicle. A police officer broke a window and arrested him. Police reported that there was a smell of alcohol on the man's breath and that the man refused to submit to a breath test.

Teacher charged with DWI offenses after allegedly fleeing police

DWI offenses in Texas are taken very seriously, and those who are facing charges risk going to jail, paying harsh fines and losing their driving privileges. However, being charged with drunk driving does not automatically mean a person will be convicted, and multiple factors may come into play when determining the final outcome of a DWI charge.

Recently, Sherman Police arrested a 26-year-old man after he allegedly ran into two guardrails. Before police could make contact with the man, the 26-year-old left the area, according to reports. Police said that a high-speed chase ensued, and the man's vehicle came to a stop when road spikes were used. The 26-year-old has been charged with evading arrest and DWI.

Alleged drunk driver who drove into crowd faces multiple offenses

Driving while intoxicated carries serious penalties in Collin. Other drivers and pedestrians on the road need to be conscious of the possibility of drunk drivers. If there is an accident with injuries or fatalities, the driver will be confronted with harsh criminal penalties. In many instances, the driver will have multiple offenses levied making the penalties even worse.

A 21-year-old man was arrested for multiple offenses related to driving while intoxicated when he crashed into a crowd at a festival. Two people were killed and 23 people were injured. Of the 23 injuries, five have been classified as critical. After driving through barricades and hitting the people, police claim, the driver continued driving. The man then exited his vehicle and tried to run away before the police used a stun gun to subdue him. The driver now faces numerous charges including vehicular assault and capital murder.

Passenger killed, driver of SUV arrested in fatal DWI crash

Impaired driving in Plano not only has significant consequences in the event of being charged and convicted, but it can result in a fatal DWI crash. When there is a drunk driving accident, it's not just other vehicles on the road and pedestrians who are in danger, but passengers riding in the vehicle with the intoxicated driver are in serious jeopardy as well. If there is a fatal DWI crash, the person driving might face charges of vehicular manslaughter for the death of a friend or acquaintance.

An early morning SUV crash claimed the life of a 26-year-old woman. The 25-year-old driver was allegedly speeding and intoxicated when she swerved to the right and the vehicle flipped and rolled over. According to police, the passenger was ejected and declared dead at the accident scene. The driver was transported to the hospital with injuries that are not considered life threatening. Police have stated that the driver and passengers were related. The driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Driver arrested in fatal DWI crash that killed pedestrian

In Plano, drivers and pedestrians need to pay close attention to others on the road who might be driving while intoxicated. Those who commit the act of impaired driving run the risk of causing a fatal drunk driving accident. Because the aftereffects of a fatal DWI crash are so serious, the driver in a drunk driving accident will face harsh consequences if convicted.

A pedestrian was killed when a red Hyundai sedan crashed into him. The vehicle kept on going after the incident. As police approached, the driver and his passenger escaped on foot. With the help of police dogs, one individual - believed to be the driver - was caught. The passenger got away. Law enforcement believes that the man they caught was the driver in the fatal drunk driving accident because he had the keys and suffered injuries that indicated he was behind the wheel. He was found to be intoxicated. The passenger also faces misdemeanor charges for eluding police.

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